This week's Encouragement

We have sinned with our fathers, we have committed iniquity, we have acted wickedly.

Our fathers in Egypt did not ponder Your wonders.

Nor did they remember Your abundant lovingkindness, but rebelled by the sea—at the Sea of Reeds.

Yet He saved them for His Name’s sake, to make His mighty power known.

He rebuked the Sea of Reeds and it dried up,

and He led them through the depths as through a wilderness.

So He saved them from the hand of those who hated them, redeemed them from the enemy’s hand.

The waters covered their adversaries— not one of them was left.

Then they believed His words. They were singing His praise.

How quickly they forgot His works, and would not wait for His counsel!

 - Psalm 106:6-13

We have been reflecting lately about the humanity of those who left Egypt and what we have in common with them, for better or worse. They trusted Adonai enough to participate in the first Passover, to walk through the waters miraculously parted before them, and witnessed the might of Adonai first hand. They also grumbled, rebelled, sinned against the Most High, and forgot His wonders. We too stumble and fall before a Holy G-d. Yet His glory cannot be denied and He delivers and guides us for His Name's sake. He suffered and died for a rebellious people and we remember His great love with each Passover seder. May this season of remembrance help us to more clearly relate to those who came before us and more deeply understand the depth of His love for us.

Torah & Times

Weekly Readings: 

TORAH: Tzav  Leviticus 6–8

HAFTARAH: Malachi 3:4–18


Shabbat Times:

Friday, March 31, 2023 - Holiday begins at 7:58 pm

Saturday, April 1, 2023 - Holiday ends at 8:03 pm

As per custom, Shabbat beginning time is 18 minutes before sunset and Shabbat is celebrated as a 25-hour holiday.

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