Today's Omer COUNT

Omer Count for Friday Night May 14, 2021

48 Days in the Omer

This week's encouragement

"I thank my G-d at every memory of you, always praying with joy in every prayer of mine for you all, because of your sharing in the Good News from the first day until now. I am sure of this very thing—that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the Day of Messiah Yeshua."

 - Philippians 1:3-6

We meet every week to pray together, to lift our requests and thanks before the L-rd as well as lift one another up. How often are we praying for one another through the week? And when we do, is it with joy? The fact that we share in the promises of Messiah Yeshua should be all we need to share also in our joy. We can rest in the assurance that when G-d begins working He won't give up on us. He will carry His plan and promises to His children to completion until His glorious return, and may it be soon. So even when we are weary, may we continue in joy, in trust, and in prayer.

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